Wedding Videography Guides For The Starters

Shooting a wedding film, documentary or events as you may prefer to call it require a lot of fundamentals to get it right so as to score a very good pass mark as regards what your clients is expected of you. As you are preparing for your next wedding video shoot, these questions i am about to ask must be something you need to find answer to unless, your wedding video shoot will end up hitting the rock.
You need to find answer to these questions:Where will you have your cameras set up to capture great moments of the ceremony? Will you need lights for every shot? How will you manage the audio? Your answer to these three point question will determine an outstanding outcome of your wedding shoot.

Therefore, it should be of your concern to know the the appropriate positioning and angle set up of your camera to capture all the expected and great moments in a wedding ceremony such as the first kiss, the first dance, Cutting of cake and all other exciting great moments. Also lighting is the heart of every video, so it is essential for you to chose your lighting gear and set up rightly if you will need one depending on the environment of your video shoot either indoor or outdoor, your duty is to make your video clean. Do not also forget about your audio.

After you have discover the essential gear you need and get to know your camera very well for wedding works. You do not need to go beyond your budget because lot of great videos have been made with only basic equipment, but there are some corners you cannot cut. you can be upgrading your equipments as you grow, so just make the best out of equipment you have now and get the basic ones to work with.
Like i mentioned above,audio is an essential part of your work. so yo need to discover the best micing techniques for you as great sound makes such a difference adding voice clearity, live and originality to your wedding video.
Learn how to paint or tell an exciting story of a wedding as well as techniques for shooting and editing a wedding ceremony in a documentary style, such style is always the best and exciting to watch just like a movie, as it leaves an unforgettable memory in the minds of viewers. Learn to capture the important people like grandparents and other family members. They won’t be around forever as such these shots will be quite meaningful to your clients. This is a contemporary approach to wedding video shoot to be adopted.
To make your wedding video stand out, you must learn how to shoot using different angle. Also learn when to use a handheld camera and when not to. Proper lighting of the reception. Most Videographer shoot wedding events with one camera, why not learn how to cover the ceremony with two cameras for proper shots mashup during the editing. Using more than one camera makes your video gets even more better as you hardly miss out on all the emotions and exciting moments of the day.
A cinematic approach of shooting is the best way to go. “Cinematic” style which requires more expertise and equipment. It gives a kind of romantic touch just like you see in music videos. Also creating a good introduction and ending with fast-paced montage or highlight which will delight your clients is fun and satisfying. Such a short interesting highlight can be transferred on mobile phones, YouTube uploads and even one minutes Instagram videos. Such could be another avenue to promote your business.
In editing your captured shots, choice the best editing video software you know how to use and more importantly that has the modern editing features and options. Editing your video is the final laps of your video work, therefore how you handle your footage could make or break your production. So ensure your final rendering is in High definition format and device friendly as video shot with HD camera could loose quality when not properly handle during editing. Also remember that delivering your final video output is more than just DVD but also how you design and package it creating an attractive case or presentation that will give your video works a lift.
I am sure you have learnt something, see you next time, mean while feel free to comment.

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