Ways To Make Money With Your Video Camera

Video and Video making is becoming more popular than ever, especially web video which people can watch online either on YouTube, vimeo or other video viewing platform. This day video has becoming an integral part of business marketing as everyone needs a great video to tell their story. Using video to entertain, instruct or teach is much more interesting and captivating than words or speech tutorial.
Therefore, With the low cost of video production equipment that can be purchase in the store, every interested individual can start to make video.
There is one thing to have the right equipment to make a good video, its another thing to know what video you can make and ways to make money with the video.
In this article let us take a look at some ways to make money with video making:
Documentaries – This is a more professional way to engage as a freelance video producer, but it involves a reasonable level of commitment and time but with a great potential to generate a significant income if you can learn the basics.
Educational/Training Videos – There are lot of company and individual business owner that are looking for video maker that can create great educational or instructional video for their brand either for training purpose or to showcase their services why not tap into this and learn how to make a mini-documentary. There lot of website online that you can get hire e.g fiver.com
Weddings Video – Using United State of America as a case study, approximately 2.5 million weddings in the United States each year, with an average of $29,000 spent on each wedding, This is the same trends all over the word. Therefore this another opportunity to make money as a video maker.

Movie – With basic training in cinematography, to can begin to make money from creating short films if full length movies is too expensive because it require a lot of investment to create a full lenghth blockbuster, Therefore creating short films is a good way to start. you can sell your contents to tv stations depending on its contents quality and you can be creating for other movie producer or even making money from your contents through online monetization e.g youtube
Events –There are never-ending number of opportunities from creating events video. Shows, artiste performances, sports events, concerts etc
Stock Footage – By creating Online videos, there are lot of sites that allow you to upload your footage and sell it on the Internet Pond5 and iStock. You can as well have a website where you can sell your own footage that are rear and most wanted e.g outstanding drone video shots etc people that need it to include in their commercial work will definitely buy.
Making Celebrity Videos – People love to watch their favorite celebrities performance or their flipside of life, what they do when they are not doing that thing they are famous for. This is another way to go as you are catching fun and at the same time creating video memory you can turn to cash.
Funerals Video – This might sounds funny, but the truth is that family and loved one will forever appreciate and cherish the memory of their departed loved one well kept in a special documentary. This video idea is worth exploring.
Reel Videos – Creating reel videos or what i can call archive videos for professionals such as actors, public speakers, musicians, singers, sales people, etc. This is a valuable tool of reference about what they have done in the past as creativity offers are in most cases granted base on track record.

There are still lots of way yo can make money making videos. Ill update more soon.

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