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Video Editing Tips For The Beginner



Video editing is not only about cutting away all the footage that is not too good but a way of adding live to your video such that it will tell your story in more appealing to your viewers.
Video editing involves adding effects, transition, color grading and treatments as well as arrangement of your clip according to your story line or the message you want to pass across with your video. This will contribute to adding emotion and desirable entertainment element especially in movie music video.
As a beginner, you might not really understand how to start with all the footage you want to edit. In this article, I will give out some basic useful tips that will enable you to edit your video as a beginner video editor.

System Requirement
You need to check system requirement of your editing software to enhance smooth editing workflow and avoid lagging. If need be invest in higher RAM that meet your software requirement.
If you miss the article on the best video editing software review. Click here.
Choice of Video Editing Software
Take your time to carefully study your editing software to fully understand its basic use. You can get tutorial on your choice software. Though there is a lot to learn but first understand the basic use.
Understand Your Story Line
It is very important for you to understand the message in your video and the perspective you want to tell the story, these will help you to understand how best to arrange your footage in the timeline.
Be Organized
Organized your story board first by appropriately name your footage in your editing software so as not to mix everything up because you will end up stressing yourself looking up a particular footage without a name label.
Cut out the crap
After you have your clips in your editing suite beginning to cut out the crop, those unstable and shaky shots or those clips you will not include in your final edit.
Cut with Timing
When editing a music video clip you don’t want to be too crazy in cutting your clip. Your shot cut should last 2 to 10 sec, though it can be longer if there is an emphasis in the shots because in a music video if a particular shot is longer, it makes it look boring and dull, therefore you have to appropriately time your cutting to add change of view add live to your video. In case of movie, you need to follow the story line as directed so as to follow the story line interpretation.

Adding effect
The rule of adding effect in video editing is appropriation. Use effect and transition where necessary and do not over use as your video may end up too busy with effect riot. Use your effect realistically neat and cool.
Color Grading
Depending on the final outlook of your video, use your color grading wisely with ideal touching e.g Using black and while to tell the past or certain mood, reducing too much light and color depth using your contrast and RGB settings as well as white balancing. A well graded video come out crisp and at its best quality. Your use of color grading depends on what you want to achieve with your video look.
Music Synchronization
Make sure your music is well inserted on the music track and well synchronized with your clip. This is very essential especially when editing a music video, let the artiste sing a loud with the standby music while shouting so as to enable proper synchronization of the original track with the clip sound. This also applicable to movie editing in a situation you capture the audio separately unless capture directly into the camera and its of good quality, then you still need to synchronized with other angle shot clips.
Output format
Choose the best final output rendering quality especially in high definition as you desire so as to maintain a relatively high quality of your final video output.

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I hope these few tips helps as you improve your video editing skills.

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How To Create A Video Studio From Low To High Budget



Creating a professional Video studio might cost thousands to millions of dollars investment depend on how professional you want to go in setting up and not every one could afford investing so huge especially for startups creative mind. But the truth remains that you can make your dream of creating your own video studio becomes a reality with little bucks of dollar investment and still work like a pro.
In this article, we are going to learn from Ashley Hockney is the Content Marketer & Writer at Teachable as she discuss the two options of creating your own video studio from a low budget as well as upgrading your budget. (more…)

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How to shoot a film look video with smoke or fog machine



Utilizing smoke or fog machine can be to a great degree gainful in circumstances where you tend to utilize different light sources that will be obvious in your shots, yet there are numerous different occasions where this method may likewise prove to be useful.

One of the essential takeaways worth saying here is the way that you would prefer not to exaggerate with the mist, as this is one of the simplest approaches to destroy your shot. You additionally need to spread the dimness uniformly all through the room, utilizing some kind of fan, and make it undetectable in camera and to your crowd.

Notwithstanding including a touch of haze can definitely enhance the vibe of your shot, particularly in low light circumstances where utilizing just several light sources will be all that could possibly be needed to create a staggering Spielberg-style symbolism.

The uplifting news is that haze machines are a to a great degree moderate bit of gear and an awesome beginning stage. You can undoubtedly get one for around 50-100 dollars or somewhere in the vicinity, contingent upon the fluid that you will utilize.

In the event that you need to plunge your toes in the water and spend some additional money for a more expert instrument you can get a hazer, that disperses a more slender more imperceptible murkiness contrasted with a customary passage level haze machine.

Hazers are intended to run consistently and are generally constantly prepared go while a mist machine discharges blasts of haze and afterward for the most part need to stop to warm

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At last, there are such a variety of looks that you can accomplish using either a haze machine or hazer that I urge you to get one and do some test all alone. I’m almost certain that you will be more than astounded by the plenty of elaborate, specialized, and tasteful outcomes you can get, regardless of on the off chance that you will shoot a sunshine inside or some dreadful low-light scene.

Atmosphere Aerosol enables photographers and filmmakers to quickly, easily, and safely create fog or haze for photos and film.

How To Use Atmosphere Aerosol
– Shake can well before using.
– Spray in room or still area for 20 seconds or more.
– Atmosphere Aerosol will linger in the air for minutes for photos and films.
VERY IMPORTANT! Back lighting is required to see haze or fog. Position and amount of light will determine the look of the fog or haze.
– Re-spray as needed.

Tips for Shooting Outdoors

Spray Atmosphere Aerosol in the air behind the subject, so it will spread out evenly throughout the scene. If there is a breeze, spray Atmosphere into the wind in order to disperse the haze as it travels downwind.

Tips for Shooting Indoors Using Natural Light

The shooting indoors with natural light coming through the windows. The air was still, the windows should be closed, Do not put on fans or air conditioning vents. Something to look for when using Atmosphere Aerosol indoors with natural light is direct light hitting the wall or floor.

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Position your subject or subjects and spray Atmosphere Aerosol into the light. The position of the light and the amount of Atmosphere Aerosol used will determine the look of the haze.

Tips for Shooting With Artificial Light

You can create the illusion of the sun with a light source (i.e., speed light, strobe, or video light).

Color gels can also add creativity to your photos
You can improvised lightning into the barn wall in order to cut and shape the light into rays.

How Atmosphere aerosol works and tips as advised by Aerosol. Find more answers to possible question about atmosphere aerosol here

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How to create a dynamic cinematography depth



How would you make profundity when you’re working with a two-dimensional medium?

One of the principal things you find out about when examining cinematography is organization, and one of the primary things you find out about creation is essential stylish hypothesis: symmetry versus asymmetry, vitality, shading, weight, vertices, and so forth. At that point, some place close to the end of the class, the back of your course book, the last two minutes of the workshop, you catch wind of profundity – not on the grounds that it’s insignificant, but rather on the grounds that making it takes somewhat more artfulness than focusing your subject in the edge.

The best cinematographers are known for (in addition to other things) making the deception of profundity by utilizing various astute procedures and here to separate five of them in this 3-minute video is honor winning business cinematographer Matthew Rosen.

Here are the methods Rosen clarifies in his video:

High Differentiation Lighting

Great lighting can not just add measurement and profundity to your arrangements, however it can make your film resemble a million bucks. As Rosen says in the video, delicate, notwithstanding lighting has a tendency to straighten pictures, while lighting with harsher shadows with quick falloff tends to give the figment of profundity. For cases of this sort of lighting, you can’t get any more exceptional and obvious than film noir, who made chiaroscuro lighting one of its numerous trademarks.


We’re talking shallow profundity of field here – a similar impact that happens when your eyes concentrate on something near you. Normally, when we see this on-screen, our brains decipher it as profundity. (Be that as it may, profound profundity of field doesn’t, by complexity, recommend absence of profundity. Gregg Toland, for instance, expertly plays with profound concentration in the notorious shot in Resident Kane.)

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Point of view

In case you’re a professional and have any sort of experience, you realize that utilizing shallow profundity of field is somewhat – well – we should simply say it’s the thing you do the most when you first get your hands on a camera with a decent focal point. When you develop as a movie producer/cinematographer, you understand that you must get your hands grimy, get somewhat innovative, move around – um – change your point of view. The colossal thing about this procedure, is that it makes profundity, as well as it raises the tasteful vitality of a piece. Utilizing a wide range of vertices makes the shot a great deal more dynamic.


Like point of view (a high differentiation lighting, as well), the parallax impact serves to make profundity, and in addition to make the shot more dynamic. It does this by including “dynamic vitality” – tasteful vitality made by moving the camera. A static shot includes close to nothing (assuming any) tasteful vitality to a shot, yet a moving camera can transform what was at one time a drilling still shot into a scene that pulls your gathering of people in. Actually, it’s frequently said that including a moving camera and moving subjects (e.g. individuals, autos, and so forth.) is the condition for high dynamic – and in this manner tasteful – vitality. At the end of the day, on the off chance that you move your camera around individuals and things that are likewise moving, your shot will presumably look wonderful.


A similar thing that happens in the characteristic world – things that are nearer to our eyes shut out things that are further when they go before them. Basic as pie – however the possibility of utilizing this impact may not be as evident when arranging your shots in pre-creation.

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There are numerous more strategies you can use to make profundity, yet ideally these five will at any rate kick you off making more dynamic shots.


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