Video Editing Tips For The Beginner

Video editing is not only about cutting away all the footage that is not too good but a way of adding live to your video such that it will tell your story in more appealing to your viewers.
Video editing involves adding effects, transition, color grading and treatments as well as arrangement of your clip according to your story line or the message you want to pass across with your video. This will contribute to adding emotion and desirable entertainment element especially in movie music video.
As a beginner, you might not really understand how to start with all the footage you want to edit. In this article, I will give out some basic useful tips that will enable you to edit your video as a beginner video editor.

System Requirement
You need to check system requirement of your editing software to enhance smooth editing workflow and avoid lagging. If need be invest in higher RAM that meet your software requirement.
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Choice of Video Editing Software
Take your time to carefully study your editing software to fully understand its basic use. You can get tutorial on your choice software. Though there is a lot to learn but first understand the basic use.
Understand Your Story Line
It is very important for you to understand the message in your video and the perspective you want to tell the story, these will help you to understand how best to arrange your footage in the timeline.
Be Organized
Organized your story board first by appropriately name your footage in your editing software so as not to mix everything up because you will end up stressing yourself looking up a particular footage without a name label.
Cut out the crap
After you have your clips in your editing suite beginning to cut out the crop, those unstable and shaky shots or those clips you will not include in your final edit.
Cut with Timing
When editing a music video clip you don’t want to be too crazy in cutting your clip. Your shot cut should last 2 to 10 sec, though it can be longer if there is an emphasis in the shots because in a music video if a particular shot is longer, it makes it look boring and dull, therefore you have to appropriately time your cutting to add change of view add live to your video. In case of movie, you need to follow the story line as directed so as to follow the story line interpretation.

Adding effect
The rule of adding effect in video editing is appropriation. Use effect and transition where necessary and do not over use as your video may end up too busy with effect riot. Use your effect realistically neat and cool.
Color Grading
Depending on the final outlook of your video, use your color grading wisely with ideal touching e.g Using black and while to tell the past or certain mood, reducing too much light and color depth using your contrast and RGB settings as well as white balancing. A well graded video come out crisp and at its best quality. Your use of color grading depends on what you want to achieve with your video look.
Music Synchronization
Make sure your music is well inserted on the music track and well synchronized with your clip. This is very essential especially when editing a music video, let the artiste sing a loud with the standby music while shouting so as to enable proper synchronization of the original track with the clip sound. This also applicable to movie editing in a situation you capture the audio separately unless capture directly into the camera and its of good quality, then you still need to synchronized with other angle shot clips.
Output format
Choose the best final output rendering quality especially in high definition as you desire so as to maintain a relatively high quality of your final video output.

I hope these few tips helps as you improve your video editing skills.

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