Types Of Photography Field

Photography has emerge to be one of the most interesting creative profession in the world. Due to the creative diversity of photography you have different field you can specialized if you want to choose a career. Though there is no limit to what your camera can do, Camera is built to take images. A lot of Photographer are very good in more than one aspect of photography but there is limit to the extent you can go in some field of photography if you are not a specialist in that field of photography. As a photographer you must learn the techniques of photo editing that give a retouch to your final images if you want your picture to be envy of all. Lets explore different types of photography field and sure you have a place to specialized.
Fashion Photography
Fashion Photography is one of the most highly paid field of photography especially in this modern age of fashion consciousness. Fashion photographers are the most wanted by fashion company to create portfolio for their brands, fashion websites, magazine. As we all know that runway shows and fashion events and exhibition are one money spinning business, there is no doubt that a good fashion photographers are hire for all the model shoots and total events memory packaging.
Wedding Photography
A wedding photographers capture the best of memorable moments at any wedding ceremony. Since wedding ceremony is always one in a life time event, A wedding photographer pay attention to detail and never want to miss out on most unforgettable moments like exchanging of vows, cutting of cakes etc A good photographer is always well equipped with extra accessories because if you miss a session of the event, you can never recover that. And they are most sought after and well paid to for creative and posture specialist that can add a twist to tell a story with the picture.
Beauty Photography
Beauty photography deal with the creative skill of bringing the best beauty out of their models. This type of photographer works hand in hand with make up artiste for best interpretation of beauty. As a beauty photographer you must be talented and creative because it involve creating usual pictures sometimes to tell a story.

Paparazzi Photography
This is the type of photography that involve soughting after celebrity to take their picture. a paparazzi photographer add live to every red carpet event, they use best of lenses with efficient shutter shots that could capture every seconds of every movement and moment.
Wildlife photography
Wildlife photography is a quite challenging field of photography that require expertise because most time wildlife photographer put their life in dangers to take shots of wild animal but with the new innovation camera like drones, shooting in the wild forest is an interesting adventure as can be seen on NATGEOWILD Channels.
Nature Photography
Nature Photography is a type of photography that involves taking photograph of natural scenery like ocean wave, It can be landscapes, hills, waterfalls and all encompassed nature scenery as the photographer sees it to be capture.
Other field of photography by simple definition are:
Aerial Photography
This is a photography involved taking shot from above either from  plane, helicopter, and use of drone camera and all sky fly devices.
Amateur Photography
This is a type of photography practiced by some one with no photography skill or any form of training, A non-professional photographer
Pet Photography
This is a type of photography that take photos of domestic pets
Black & White
Black and white photography uses Contrast and shadows to paint a realistic picture.
Commercial Photography
Photographers in these categories take photos for branding and advertisement
Documentary Photography
This type of photography document memory of history for reference or presentation purpose. This might be through investigative Journalism or Historical events etc
Forensic Photography
Forensic Photography take special photographs that are mostly used to carry out scientific approach study e.g Taking photographs of crime scene, criminal evidence etc
Travel Photography
This is a type of photography that involve traveling a lot. Travel photographer use to experience different perspective to life due to moving from one location to another. Different cultures and traditions is abound in a travel photographer’s archive.
Under Water Photography
These are photographer taking photograph of anything under water. The make use of water proof cameras most time to get the best shot

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