List of internet tv in nigeria and thier web tv websites

List of Internet TV In Nigeria and their Web tv websites

Television transition from the traditional tv channels has enjoyed an unprecedented boost in recent times with more media agencies and tv contents establishment embracing the Web TV technology or an Internet TV.

Nigeria Television Industry is no an exception as more traditional TV stations have established an active online presence to boot thier tv audience coverage all over the world. presents you with the notable pioneer of Internet tv or web TV channels in Nigeria. While most combine Live Tv with prepackage, some provide on demand video streaming services.

The list of internt tv channels resents here are not all but notable but we hope to update this list to make it fresh and recents.

  • LiveTVNG
  • Channels TV. Web. Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Soundcity Africa
  • HipTV. Web. Nigeria.
  • TV Continental (TVC) Web. Lagos, Nigeria.
  • TVC News. Web. Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Emmanuel TV. Web. Lagos, Nigeria.
  • NTA┬áNews24. Web. Abuja, Nigeria.


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