How To Write A Video Treatment

Writing a Video treatment is always interesting when you have a better concept or idea storming in your head but can be tasking if you have no clue the direction your story line will go. As a video director, video treatment must be part of your life because you never can tell when the big job will come knocking, Therefore having better idea or sample of a video treatment at hand will give you an edge to get the big deal.
In a simple definition, Video treatment is a simple document that contain or defines the video concept, the creative idea of how you want to shoot the video. A document which can be use to get client approval of a video project or seek funding for your project.
A video treatment does not have to be a documents with numbers of pages, just keep it simple and well define usually very short of not more than a page but in an exceptional case if the video work fall into tv production that require further details, but in most cases your client might not have that patient to read a long sermon so you have to keep it short and straight to the point.
In this article i will advise the following approach in writing a winning video treatment with more emphasis on music video but can be applied to other video production works as well.
1. Your Title Page
Begin with a title page, A working title for your project name and under that must contain the name of the artiste or the band, The Genre: advert, short fim, music video or documentary. Duration of your work can be included as well as your company name or trademark.
2. Synopsis
Your synopsis is a description of your idea or concept in a simple summary by hitting on the video ideas such that whoever that is reading will have an idea of what your concept is all about. The feeling and look of the video must be convey reminding your clients why its a great idea. Dont look for too much word to polish your idea, keep it simple and short.

3. Goal
Your goal explain what you intend to acheive by stating your purpose and assign priorities to them. for example your goal must be that the video is to enlighten, teach, entertain, persuade etc . Its must explain your video essense, what message do you want to communicate with your video concept.
4. Target
Uncover your target by letting your video treatment show who your targeted audience will be by identifying the characteristics of your audience to relate with your video concept as well as your audience expectation from your video.
5. Content Perspective
This aspect of your video treatment must explain your angle of delivering your video idea or concept. This might be through a narrative storyline,character story,relationship or love story etc depending on your perspective of delivery. but its always fun when your angle or perspective to the story and your content go hand in hand.
6. Character/Act
This must explain the character and act role in your video. The main act, other character, cameo appearance etc depending on your vision for the project. its advisable to carefully select best character that fits every role for proper translation of your video concept.
7. Visual Elements
Visual elements such as your lightning, camera, Mode of editing, constume among other visual elements in a video work must be involve and not overlook in your video treatment write up.
8. Budget
Clients are eager to know what the total budget of a good treatment will be, this must be included also in your treatment. it is advisable to get your details right but also do not loose job because of over board budget, be economical and clients adjustable if needs be.

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