How to shoot Your First Video Like A Proffessional

Shooting a video can be fun especially when you can not take your eyes of that memorable scene you never want to forget in a rush, This may be at festival, during holidays adventure, party etc.
Whenever i m with my camcorder, i just have something to capture and most time your video does not have to be a special events or human activities. the last footage on my camera was a video of that magnificent sky view i shoot after a heavy down pour, the sky blue was so real with some reflection of rainbow color, in fact you need to watch nature bringing hope to a brighter day.
Shooting a video as a professional is more than taking your camcorder out of its pouch and pressing the red button to record. I m sure you will begin to shoot like a pro by learning a little here, just read along this few tips of mine you must consider while shooting your first video like a pro.
* Get Familiar With Your Camera
The moment you get hold of that weapon either camcorder or more digital camera like any of the DSLR canon series 7D,5D,60D and the rest you must begin to have that confidence of a pro. If your camera is new, endeavor to read and study the manual inside out to know the settings from the menu, know where the shutter is and both auto and manual focus. study all the external feautures and get ready to shoot.
*Get Ready
Now that you are ready to shoot, the following accessories must be with you and you must bring along to your shooting location.
– Your battery charger and power supply extension
– A Fully charge extra battery that can be change when the first is exhausted
– Your Tripod stand as well as your shoulder mount rig if at all you have one but your tripod is a must for shots stability.
– Your lens might attract dust or get smudge therefore there is need to have a lens cloth handy for cleaning.
– A reflector might be useful, do not forget as well
– Your lighting gear and filter must top your accessories priority and do not forget your boom mic as well.
* Lighting
It is very important to put more emphasis on lighting because a good picture quality depends largely on light. Either you will be using your light gears or reflector, they both serves as a source of lighting but at different depth otherwise, you may end up with noisy video. Even if its an out door shooting, depending on the weather, you might need light because you can not absolutely depend on the reflector as its works better with sunlight ray or surrounding light reflection.

video light
* Time
Though you can shoot at anytime either indoor or outdoor but i will advice you to shoot in the morning or late afternoon when the sunlight intensity is at its barest.
* Indoor Shooting
When shooting indoor, you will need more light than when shooting outdoor, so you need to bring to the location as much light that you need

* Camera Settings
Do a proper setting of your camera white balancing and aperture adjustment so as to maintain balance with the depth of your lighting, More so, if you are shooting under low light, i will advice you to switch to auto focus and ISO settings. but your ISO settings depends largely on your camera to avoid grainy or noisy footage.

setting camera
* Shooting
When you are ready for the proper shooting, take into consideration the following tips:
– Mount your camera on a tripod or a shoulder mount rig for shot stability
– Avoid digital zooming, in fact do not zoom because you will end up with a pix-elated or grainy video. If you think you need to get a wide angle shot, instead of zooming i will advice you to zoom your leg or tripod, meaning that move closer to your object and take a stable closer shot you desire unless you are using more pro gear like dolly or track that allow stability panning.
* Spice Up With B-roll Shots
B-roll shots is the spice of every video. It makes your video much more interesting and add live to it when you mix up with the main or primary shot during editing. Have you notice a music video showing that chick pink lips or booty as she walk along, that guy bling or a close shot of its leg as he splash into that pool of water with his timberland boot. May be in a wedding ceremony, a close shot of those magnificent decoration alone, close angle shot of the ring, in fact anything can be your B-roll shot, yes a unique scene that will animate your story line, that is what B-roll shots is all about. Its always short shots but an exciting punchline shots.

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