How To Shoot A Good Video With Your Smartphone

What if I ask you: Is your mobile phone smart? If your answer is Yes, this article is for you and if your answer is No, you will need it if you upgrade your mobile phone to be smart. Hun, lets get serious here.
The world changes with new invention in all sphere of our lives, Mobile technology is not an exception.Due to lots of exciting smartphone devices that flood the mobile market and with many modern phones capable of shooting ridiculously high-quality photos and videos, this has greatly changes the way we capture moments into video and photo. This is gradually making most point-and-shoot digital cameras and lower-end camcorders threading road to extinction. Having said that, do you think your mobile phone is smart enough to withstand and perform the same task as these digital camera devices.
The fact remain that there’s no substitute to a professional video camera if you want to shoot a professional video, nevertheless your can shoot a better video with your smartphone especially those smartphone that capable of shooting 4k video output. Even the least that some professional Digital DLSR camera can shoot is MOV which is less to 4k video, Who now say your smartphone with 4k output can not make a good video.For instance, Acer Liquid S2, LG G Pro 2, Samsung Galaxy S5 or the OnePlus and the newer iPhone, android phones and similar in this category are smartphones that are capable of shooting video in 4k. You must also know that most TVs and monitors still aren’t 4K compatible so any smartphone in the with HD of say 1080p, is a good consideration to shoot as well.
Shooting Style
When shooting with your smartphone, endeavor to have a mind set of a professional even as an amateur. Most people shoot with their phone orientation in potrate position, this will make your video to have black left and right black bar which will not look good when upload to YouTube and even on TV. Therefore slide or flip your smartphone orientation to shoot in landscape, this will give a full frame shooting mode which is the best shooting mode to adopt. You can enhance your video stability by always hold the camera with both hands, and keep your elbows as close to your body as possible to support your arm or by using smartphone tripod stick which can be purchase in consumer store with few dollar.

Lighting Your Video
You do not need a degree in lighting or buy an expensive lighting gear to lit your video. Just ensure you use naturally lit locations to shoot your video, such as outdoors or in an open windows to make use of natural light to enhance the clarity and quality of your video. Also you should avoid back-lighting the subject i.e Do not let your subject stand against a window with the sun shining into your smartphone camera lens.
Since there is probability that you will not be shooting with an external mic,therefore avoid shooting in an echo environment, tunnel or where there is wind wing distortion that can affect the sounds you want to capture. If you are shooting interview make sure you are closer to the subject as possible to obtain a better and more improved sound.
The Don’ts
Zooming is a crap on your smartphone, so do not use zoom at all instead steadily move closer to your subject. Also avoid too much panning – that is, moving your camera from side-to-side as any jerky movement in your shots make it a bad video and an amateur shots.
Storing Your Video
Unless you’re shooting more than one hour duration video this will use up to 1-2GB of local storage which the internal memory storage can still contain. By estimation, one minute of footage at HD 1080p uses around 150MB, but in 4K UHD, it uses around 450MB per minute. Therefore if you specifically want to be shooting video with your smartphone,it is worth considering smartphone with 64GB memory or you go for smartphone devices that has external storage capacity via a micro SD.
Editing Your Video
There are lots of mobile video editing software that you can download on google play store if the one that comes with your mobile phone is not suitable enough for your use. I do not want to reccommend one here. Just download the one you know how to use and that can edits your recording format.
Have fun shooting a more better video with your smartphone.

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