How To Set Up Internet TV/Streaming And Monetize Your Content [Step 1]

Imagine your wedding day or that your memorable events is being watched all over the world by millions of user including friends and family who could not present from a long distance or probably people residing in another country sharing the joy of your day with you by watching your events live in real-time as it is happening on their PC, smartphones, iPad,Tabs provided they are internet enable. This and many more is what internet TV or live streaming could do.
Internet TV has become a very useful tool in the media industry these day that allow TV station to stream in real-time their TV programs, shows and events to anybody who can connect all over the world. and not only that they are just providing the free view alone, they are also making thousands of dollars by monetizing the TV contents. Some one is asking how, do not worry just read along as i will expose what you already know but you probably might not see it coming that way for the newbies.
You need to know at this junction that there lot of premium host out there that provide cloud streaming platform, they allow you to use their streaming platform at a premium fee. This definitely comes with a lot of advantage anyway in term of their server speed and other add on benefits. But in this article i will show you my own absolutely free techniques that i have been using in the streaming business for the past 5 years in setting up internet TV. The most interesting part is that the technology that i adopted is free and it will do the same service a premium streaming hosting server will do.
The techniques i am going to teach you here is self practical and in the best way i think every one could get it and master and you repeat it all over again with the same result.
I am Just Going to tell you the equipment you need for a Minimum of 3 camera setup for those that want to set it up like normal TV station in case you want to stream an interview of more than one person with different camera assigned to take different angle shot. This techniques can also adopt one camera view for individual who just want to broadcast family party, personal events and all that.

1. Internet Speed of minimum of 2mps/sec or higher.
2. Internet TV Platform (a website e.g because the fun of internet TV is for you to be broadcasting or streaming from your own website as a brand definition and a traffic retention strategy.
3. Minimum of 4 channel Vision Mixer with a monitor for your 3 camera input
4. HD cameras with audio visual cords and accessories (Note No of cam
depends on the no of your view specification.
5. Easy cap cord, HDMI, fir-wire cable (depending on the output source
of your camera and vision mixer)
6. Laptop or PC: (I recommend Corei7,4g or higher because of speed)
We Cannot tell you what the budget will be as the price of equipment varies,unless you make inquiries from your consumer store.
These are the basic equipment needed to kick start except few extra requirement as your budget determine because a lot of media company do invest in Outside Broadcasting Van which allow a more professional approach and delivery of internet TV streaming service anywhere at any time even to the remote part of the world where there are no internet connectivity. This we will still discuss in our subsequent article.
I Hope i have provide you with the idea of what internet TV is all about and the basic equipment to kick start but the juicy part is coming up shortly on the technology set up and how to monetize your contents.
Feel free to comments and ask any question.

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