How To Set Up Internet TV/Live streaming And Monetize Your content [The Final Steps]

The Set -Up (My Recommendation)
If you have not being following up from the past tutorial on this topic, Click here to read the basic requirement you need for this setting up.
I assume you have design your website that will be your internet TV platform, something like or .TV as you desire.
In the designing of your website, i will advice you to run on WordPress premium host not free host and use a premium media theme for a TV website look. Media premium theme can be purchase at or other sites that sells premium theme but free WordPress theme can be use as well but not free host. using WordPress you will have the advantage of using abundant media plugins with your premium host, and if you do not know out to design hire a website designer out there to do the stress for you.
The Technology (My Recommendation)
I mentioned in the first article that there are lots of method out there but We are using youtube technology because setting up with YouTube is as free as air and will still serve the same purpose as premium hosting platform if you get it right and the interesting part is the ability to monetize your contents with YouTube. The simple techniques here is just that we are using YouTube as our backstage or the control room for what people will be watching on your website.yes a form of back end technology.
How To set Up Your YouTube To Stream to your website [Step by step approach]
– Sign up for a gmail account if you do not have one before
– Use the gmail to sign up and login on to set up a YouTube account.
– Create a YouTube channel and name it if you do not have one before
– Upload a short original contents of yours. DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEOS THAT IS NOT YOURS This will enable you to test your YouTube account and set it up for verification, good standing and monetization.
– Go to the settings in your YouTube account to verify your account by following the simple procedure prompt and make sure your status is in good standing.
– Enable live streaming in the creator studio, this will give you two options of starting streaming live now which will enable you to start streaming now and it stops automatically when your streaming ends. And the second is to schedule streaming for later hour. As for the live streaming now which is what we are going to teach now, you can preview your streaming before going live.
Therefore, in this final tutorial i will teach how to start live streaming now and people will be watching all over the world from your website right now.
Oops!! Can i get popcorn to eat and a glass of juice?(LOL) yes! its getting juicy right now i guess?

Start Live Streaming Now
Before i forget, create a page on your website that you will use as your tv page and serve as your unique link where people can visit directly to watch live directly like .
_ Install on your PC you want to use, a newer or an updated version of media live encoder 3.2 software or download from adobe website. Ensure you download the right bit of 32 or 64 bit depending on your PC operating system. The adobe media live encode provide two partition monitor screen: One is to preview what your camera is capturing while the second is to view what pictures of what you are about to be stream to the other end.

Click here to read You-tube Comprehensive Guide on setting up YouTube live streaming [Open It In another Browser]
Having knowledge from the above link, i believe you need to be thinking and getting the next steps ahead of me.
– Go to your YouTube channel, locate live event(beta) at your left hand side and click

live page
– Set up your event and name it
– Choose your ingestion settings e.g your streaming bit rate and all that as recommended
– By now your camera or capturing device must have been connected to your PC and ensure you can preview what you are about to stream from the fist monitor face of your media live encoder software
– set up the video frame base on your bit rate and the audio settings inside the encoder and save it. Then Copy your streaming channel ID code from the settings into your media live encoder software and save it. Encoding process must begin.
– You will notice the encoding process inform of file transfer at the downside of your media live encoder, and their live streaming starts. yes! you are now streaming live.
– Do not forget to be switching between your encoder and your YouTube to monitor the streaming progress and check for any possible error if you are accessing both from the same PC. Did you just scream whoa!! do not be too happy, just one more step…
– Hurry up to your website TV page and embedded the YouTube code of your live event to the page and update or save that page so that anyone visit your site can watch live directly from your website by just clicking on the play button on your website TV page, just like you press play to watch YouTube videos. The trick here is that YouTube is just your backstage while your website is the performing stage or back end technology. yes! its this simple.
There are two way you can monetize your contents
1. You can monetize any live streaming events by enabling the monetization option while setting up your live events
2. Set up automatic YouTube video monetization in your YouTube settings so that it will prompt you while setting up live streaming or pre-package contents.
Traffic will keep coming for the video enthusiast if your website has the internet TV look. Therefore, apart from live events, keep uploading your well edited pre-packaged TV contents on YouTube like your TV shows, skits, comedy, events etc and embedded it on your website so that people watch directly, i believe if you have the right content people can watch, you will be getting the traffic and the money will come from your contents monetization and adverts on your site.
Internet TV is this simple if you follow the steps, feel free to comments and ask questions.

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