How To Diffrenciate Between A wedding Videographer and A wedding Cinematographer

I was with a clients the other day to negotiate for a wedding video shoot and when i gave the couple my budget for the project, they were of the opinion that my charges is higher than what other charges. They compared my budget to what a friend pay a video guy some months ago for the same wedding project. I took my time to explain to the couple my perspective to their wedding shoot, iam shooting” a video documentary for you not the common video coverage” I explained.
As a cinematographer, it took me a lot of time to convince them and accept my request for the video budget as well as showing them my past wedding videos reel. The couple cant but thank me that they love every moments and shots in their wedding documentary video. “Its like i am watching a movie” the bride says with smile.
You might have find yourself in the same situation or have been longing to know the difference between a wedding videographer and a wedding cinematographer.
Making entry into video production is more realistic these days with video cameras everywhere at party, wedding ceremonies, events and functions. At a press of recording button on camcorder cameras, smartphones etc anybody can claim to make a video out of those device, but does the handler of these camera devices really make a cinematic video? Absolutely No.
As a wedding videographer or Cinematographer, our style and skill of capturing weddings is different, this will make the question come up again that: What is the differences between a wedding videographer and a wedding cinematographer.
A videographer equipment are not sophisticated like that of a cinematographer which will explain the difference in their filming techiques and image quality,its just like comparing a home video quality to a movie picture quality. A videographer do a direct capturing of events without any scripts to story telling which at the end will make the contents boring with either a single camera view with little or no professional angle shots. Most wedding videographer still thrive in the almost extinct word of analogue gear with no digital touch e.g shooting with cameras using tape to capture and a filming techniques with little or no lightning gear and camera using lenses of lower resolution. Videography does not creative as no artistry touch to its mode of capturing.

In comparison, a wedding cinematographer use creativity in his storytelling and capturing. A cinematographer shoot cinematic-ally paying detail attentions in capturing most magic moments in a weeding event, they do not just records all events, most memorable magic moment tops the priority of a cinematographer. A cinematographer adopt more than one camera in some cases in order to capture memorable shots happening simultaneously, They move around the events hall making the video has the desire motion picture touch taking exciting shots you could hardly imagine e.g Great gesture shots: smiling, laughing, tears, close shots,aerial shots, rare moments of pleasantries exchange of the couple and the crowd etc
A cinematographer use a digital camera and lenses of different sizes with great depth of shots e.g 4k and Mov output cameras, The common DSLR cameras with high definition output for best of picture quality.
The visual masterpiece of your wedding documentary is edited such that a wedding related soundbite is added to the story line to create a memorable wedding film.
A cinematographer make use of a movie creation tools in shooting a wedding video as to a videographer which makes use normal equipment which can be found in an electronic consumer store. Depending on the budget, a cinematographer can go to extra mile in addition to HD cameras using drone cameras or camera cranes, Shoulder stabilization Pro rig, lighting kits like truss light, moving heads etc Tape less workflow , wireless audio gadget, all these makes a good cinematographer.
More importantly, this article is to educate and to differentiate the difference between a videographer and a wedding cinematographer. Videographer also has its part to play in any wedding events. I will say your budget determine who you hire for your next wedding ceremony.
I will update More differences soon, mean while feel free to comment and add yours.

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