How To Develop Your Career As A Music Video Director

Its always fun when you tune to your favourite music video channels to watch most latest music videos may be on MTV Base, Trace, Soundcity and the rest. But do you know there are lot of Money, time and energy that are be invested to produce that few minutes video clips? Click here to read about The most expensive music video ever made. This beautiful videos and story telling is the hard work of music video directors.

A music video director is the head of music video production. The director conceives of videos’ artistic and dramatic aspects while instructing the musical act, technical crew, actors, models, and dancers. Most succesfull music video director are first passionate and master of the craft before they become most sought after and heavily paid for shooting videos for famous musician. But the truth is that It takes a lot of time to attain this kind of career and and network with the right people to get a well paid deal. Like the saying: Rome was not built in a day, it require a lot of dedication and time. As a director, your dream might be to make a living out of music video directing, yes this is possible if you are dedicated and master the craft, because directors that do not know the right path to follow to build thier career are just playing to the gallerry by wasting thier time, energy, financial investment and resources. In this article, i am going to discuss some few tips on how to develop your career as a music video director.

Essential Skills

It is essential for an aspiring music video director to acquire the following basic skills as a prerequisite to build a succesfull career as a music video director – Camera Handling – Script writing skills – Production skills – Directing and editing skills – Inter-personal skills, because its sometimes tasking for human to direct fellow humans All the above are just few skill you need to acquire to startup a music video directing career. You can learn this from a mentor director, that is a proffessional music video director with vast experience or you enroll for a course in video directing to learn the fundermental and all you need to know about music video directing.

Few tips to develops your directing career

1. Build your directors reel– Starts by targeting the local bands in your area. Offer to shoot a music video even for free and edit the best into a demo reel. This automatically becomes your directors reel or works portfolio. This is what anyone would ask you to get hire because they want to see your past work to access your ability. Directors reel will also inspire you to do more and get better.

2. Learn by watching – Take intrest in watching music videos by the best directors you see on tv by learning from them. Study all genres of music videos. Master and learn from thier editing styles to inspire you and not neccesary to be like them as such, this will help develop your knowledge to understand these genres and styles. Remember music video is a creative work, you can learn from them and do better than them.

3.Target coporate brands to showcase your directors reesl like coporate business, local business, tv channels. If your reels captivate them, you will definately get hire.

4. Jump on video competition you can find, seek out nominations, and send out proposal. Most good but un popular music video directors need just one chance to be recognise and once you gain the support and you are discovered, i bet it other jobs and offer will keep pouring in and you become a household name to be trusted.

5. Leverage on Social media– There are lot of great platform out there that cost less to nothing to showcase your works for publicity e.g youtube, vimeo etc I have been hired through a video on my youtube channel so also many other directors. This are popular open source video platform to showcase your creativity. This are just few tips to get you going as you develop your career as a music video director. feel free to comment as i keep updating.

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