Create A Green screen (Chroma Key) Like A Pro

Green screen is the most widely use and common color for chroma key. This is because of the high sensitivity of camera sensors to green color which makes a better keying and most appropriate chroma key color over other color.
Green Screen is simply when you create a green set with materials that has the real depth of green and saturation with the aim of replacing the green screen set with a digital background or footage that will blend with it to tell a story of what you have in mind.
Green screen provides a way of adding an excellent touch of creativity to any video project if well perfected and done in the right way. This will make the footage easily editable with a realistic touch and the final output will be clean.
Therefore there is need to pay attention to the details and some essential tips that will result in a perfect output of your chroma shoot with green screen.

chroma key
Materials You Will Need
– Green color backdrop, or you can buy cloth material with the real depth of green color. You can as well mark out a wall and paint it with green color.
– Camera: Your camera type must be of High definition (HD) quality of say 720p or higher. Also, your editing software must be able to input and output your camera video files output format. click here to read about the best video editing software review.

The Green Screen Principle
– Ensure that the color green of the green screen set does not in any way reflect on your object, that is the person or people you are filming on the green screen must not wear or use anything that has touch of green color.
– Adequate lighting must be provided to evenly lit up the green screen so as to eliminate all possible shadows.
– The green screen and your object must be separately lit and ensure that your object does not cast shadow on the screen. this can be achieve by given a considerable distance of about 6 to 10 feet of your object from the green screen.
– Make use of filter if you are using a harsh light and adjust your light position until you achieve the best control of the green screen color intensity and saturation.

Green Screen set
– When shooting on a green screen,it is advisable to keep your camera still by using tripod stand to maintain stability otherwise, if you have the picture in mind of how you will maneuver your shooting style during editing.
– Do not direct light at the camera if your camera is directly facing the key. Bounce the light towards each other and not the camera by setting your lighting position at angle 45 degree to the green screen key surface.
– Ensure that your green screen materials does not rough or have wrinkles especially if you are using cloth materials as your green screen. You can iron your green screen cloth materials to make sure it is evenly spread , neat and no folding traces.
With these few tips, I believe you will have a better experience shooting a better and more realistic video with green screen.

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