Best Way To Download Instagram and Youtube Videos

Please what is an instagram? Did i hear any one still asking that in this age of technological formation which hundreds of application are been developed every minutes, Well, do not be surprise that despite the high acceptance of instagram application by majority of smart phone users, thousands of people are still out there that are less or not utilising this application called instagram to is maximum.
Apart from the ability to use instagram to share rich imagery to friends and family, a perfect tools for professional photographers that mean business. But the most interesting part of it is the ability to use instagram to share videos of all sort from funny video skits, movie trailers and many more which makes most video lovers an instagram addicts because most of the videos on instagram are self shot which you rarely come across.
How painful its is to so many people who only view these lovely instagrams videos but cannot download and save on their phone just because they do not know how. and more intresting now that the instagram video duration has been extended from 15 seconds to 60 seconds which enable user to share more of their exciting moments.
For those that do not know how to download an instagram video and save on your phone, this tips im about to show you is what i adopt to download instagram videos among lots of ways and trick out there.
1. SaveDeo
SaveDeo works not only with instagram, it can be use to download youtube video and vimeo as well. All you need do is to highlight and copy the link of the video you intend to download and paste it in the url box on your SaveDeo home page and hit the download bottom, this will take you or redirected you to the video thumb image preview and the download link. This link allow you to watch by opening on another browser while all you need to do is to just click the link save as and the video will download on your pc.

InstaDown is another smart platform i use to download instagram videos similar to SaveDeo techniques. Just go to your instagram to locate the video you want to download, copy the url from the address bar and paste into the InstaDown Open url box, click on the yellow botton and your video will starts to download. Quite intresting and fun right?
Feel free to comment so as to tell us your own methods if different from these method i use to adopt above.
For Youtube Videos, all i use to do is to click on the video that i want to download as if i want to play it just to be sure im on the right video, i will pause the play botton. I will then edit the video link in the address bar from something like to something like if you notice, i remove every words before youtube and add ss in front of youtube, then press the enter key and allow it to redirect you to another page or site by the name There you can easily choose which format you want to download your youtube video from mp4 to 3gp format. click your prefered format and a download push will pop up which you will chose to save as on your pc, wait till your video finish downloading and enjoy watching.
I hear you say you know that already, kindly let us know other method you can use to download youtube videos.

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